How a Pen Can Save Your Business

How a Pen Can Save Your Business by Jacqi Glenn Let’s face it. Control is an illusion. You can’t control most things in life. Take Jean for example. Jean owns a successful human resource management company. Jean employs 18 fabulous team members and has hundreds of...

How to set your prices

How to set your prices There are 5 main ways that most business owners use to set prices in their business…they are: Guess Use industry norms Client dictated pricing Cost plus pricing Target return However, the first 4 all have serious flaws…and here are...

“A true example of a best practice flag waver for the Richmond and UK accounting sector.  Annette is someone who is incredibly smart and savvy and who has perfected the art of making the complex seem simple.  A person who truly cares by providing personalised and individualised services tailored to meet and exceed the needs of the individual and their company.”


Director, Rythms/Omward Bound Ltd

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