Much more than just a bookkeeper and accountant for your UK small business…


If you are like most small business owners then you’ll be focusing on the growth your business – which is great.


With that focus, the sales will increase, but so often you don’t end up taking more out of your business, you don’t end up with more profit – the associated profit never happens because it’s an afterthought, there is just an increase in costs along with the increase in sales and no more money for you, the small business owner.


That is why we, at Super Accountant, are dedicated to helping our clients focus on profit – helping our clients get (lots) more money for out of their business.


Sure we still do all the necessary stuff – the annual accounts for Companies House and HMRC, the corporation tax returns, the personal tax returns, bookkeeping, VAT and payroll.  But we are also really focused on our clients making more profit and getting more money out of their businesses.


We are Certified Profit First Professionals, (as well as a Chartered Accountant firm) and have gone through great training (on top of our great accounting and bookkeeping training) to really help you, our client, get lots more money out of your business.


When you start to work with us you will start making more money right away, not some day, today.


So, get in touch,  drop us an email to or arrange a call, to get started getting more money from your business straight away.


We firmly believe that ALL small business owners should be able to access great a accountant and bookkeeper.