For most business owners, their business finances, tax and accounting can feel like some kind of black magic — but trust me, it’s not as tricky or as scary as you think.
I LOVE showing business owners how to get to grips with their business financials and really use numbers to drive the growth of their business, not to mention helping you to be way more profitable than you are now, and the best way to do that is to work with me

If you are pursuing your passion but not seeing the profits you want (or need) to support your life and/or your family then we should talk – because that is what I love helping business owners to do – be way more profitable so you can live the life you want to live.


How to set your prices

How to set your prices There are 5 main ways that most business owners use to set prices in their business…they are: Guess Use industry norms Client dictated pricing Cost plus pricing Target return However, the first 4 all have serious flaws…and here are...
Why you should fire your weakest clients!

Why you should fire your weakest clients!

Why you should fire your weakest clients! It might sound harsh to suggest firing weak clients – but what I am really talking about is creating efficiencies in your business. You see, letting go of clients who are not profitable and eat up our time more than they...
“A true example of a best practice flag waver for the Richmond and UK accounting sector.  Annette is someone who is incredibly smart and savvy and who has perfected the art of making the complex seem simple.  A person who truly cares by providing personalised and individualised services tailored to meet and exceed the needs of the individual and their company.” Motti

Director, Rythms/Omward Bound Ltd

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