How to pay yourself and your business so you both can THRIVE

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Meet owner of Super Accountant, Annette

I see people all the time that have amazing businesses but are making no profit – taking nothing out so they can live the life they want to live and have fun with their family – they are living on the financial scraps of their business – I am on a mission to stop that happening.

I used to be in the position that I wasn’t taking enough money out my business…and that wasn’t because of the level of my sales…it was because I didn’t know how much I should actually be taking home and how much I should be keeping in my business…and I don’t mean from a tax efficiency point of view…I mean the level my business could support and what I wanted to take home for me and my family to enjoy.

Now I have the formula to work out exactly how much I can take out my business and how much I need to keep in there – and I’m sharing that with you…so get my exact formula…just enter your details in the box above…

This completely free training is for you if...


You sell products or services


You are based in the UK, the rest of Europe, the USA or Canada


You are not taking the money out your business that you want, or need, to support you life and/or your family


You are falling out of love with your business because it is not giving you anything back

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